Alcohol, Tobacco and Psychoactive substances policy:

At Recollect Soluciones Offshore S.A.S, we recognize the effect caused by addiction to alcohol, tobacco and psychoactive substances:


  • It causes a dependency that, if not treated in time, causes physical, psychological, economic, and social problems, and can even lead to the death of oneself or other people.
  • That it can be treated satisfactorily like other diseases if the appropriate and indicated measures are taken.
  • That affects the performance, work attendance, behavior, discipline, and safety of the personnel to be transported and pedestrians.


Recollect Soluciones Offshore S.A.S, aware of the importance of protecting the health of workers and the community, and knowing the harmful effects of alcoholism, smoking, and drug addiction, establishes this policy in order to prevent among its collaborators and contractors the consumption of these and thus preserve their health, safety and well-being.


Therefore, Management establishes the following provisions:


  • The use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit drugs, alcoholic beverages and tobacco is prohibited, as is the inappropriate use of psychotropic or controlled chemical substances both in the company’s facilities, on board the company’s boats or in activities of work outside the facilities, which affect the development of the functions performed in the designated job.
  • Zero tolerance is established with workers, service providers and/or visitors who appear at the workplace under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances (drugs that have the ability to alter feelings, perceptions or mood). of the individual), as well as consuming them and/or inciting them to consume them on said site.
  • The use of any substance that threatens one’s own safety or that of other employees in normal work performance is prohibited.


Management will direct all its efforts to the search for positive solutions to the drug and alcohol consumption of its workers to prevent and limit the negative consequences of drug and alcohol consumption, to prevent this type of problems from occurring in our company, which may affect to both the employer and the worker if an accident occurs while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, avoid dismissal from work, reduce absenteeism and help affected employees by giving them respectful and confidential treatment.


RECOLLECT SOLUCIONES OFFSHORE S.A.S, We are port operators specialized in the supply of provisions to all types of naval artefacts in the port and river areas of the national territory, satisfying high standards of reliability and committed to the implementation of the Integrated Management System (quality, safety and health at work and environment), based on risk management, thereby committing to:


  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and other interested parties, by meeting their requirements and continuously improving our services.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and deterioration of health, through the continuous identification of hazards and their elimination, assessment, and control of risks to reduce them, emphasizing biological, physical, locative, biomechanical, psychosocial, traffic and those related to high-risk tasks among others.
  • The prevention of pollution and the protection of the environment, through the rational use of resources, the identification and control of environmental aspects and impacts related to the activities carried out, such as the generation of waste, generation of emissions, water consumption, energy consumption among others.
  • Improve the skills of human talent and the participation and consultation of workers to make relevant decisions of the management system and maintain the infrastructure in optimal conditions for the presentation of services.


The above is supported by compliance with legal and other requirements applicable to Recollect Soluciones OffShore s.a.s, guaranteeing the continuous improvement and sustainability of the company over time.